David Wanetick – CEO – Solution Nation

Topic: Unique Research into Unicorns

Which countries’ citizens are the most prolific producers of unicorns? At home? Abroad? Why might some unicorns’ valuations be exaggerated?

What traps lurk in the data? Listen to our methodology for calculating Solution Nation’s Grand Unicorn Score.

  •  How should “flow of unicorns” and “vintage” factor into unicorn analysis?
  • How do definitions such as “founders” and “nationals” complicate unicorn research?

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Dan Harris – Topic: Transacting Business in Today’s China

Dan Harris provides excellent insights into many facets of conducting business in today’s transforming China. Learn More Here >>>

Jack McCauley

Jack McCauley has over three decades of experience with inventing and technical engineering. As an engineer at Activision, he designed the guitars and drums for the Guitar Hero video game series. Jack was the Co-Founder and Chief Engineer at Oculus VR which was sold to Facebook for $2 billion in 2014. Jack serves as a Board Trustee at University of California, Berkeley. Jack is now venturing into automotive technology, building cars at his private R&D facility and hardware incubator in Livermore, CA. Learn More Here >>>

The Honorable Kimberly Yee – Arizona’s Treasurer

As Arizona’s Treasurer, Kimberly Yee safeguards roughly $30 billion in assets and is the steward of Arizona’s $63 billion state budget. During her term, Treasurer Yee has conservatively managed the state’s assets while generating impressive investment returns. Learn More Here >>>

Danielle Abraham – Transforming African Agriculture with Israeli Innovation

Danielle Abraham discusses how Israeli know-how is being directed to boosting agricultural output in Africa. She discusses the state of African farming infrastructure, the role of extension officers and the magnitude of minimizing post-harvest losses. The podcast addresses the importance of government stability, the involvement of China in Africa and Africa’s receptivity to Israeli knowledge transfer.  Learn More Here >>>

Josh Brown and Sheree Trotter – The Israel-New Zealand Economic Ecosystem

Where else can you learn about New Zealand’s Jewish history? Where else can you learn about the special relationship between New Zealand’s indigenous tribes and Israel? Where else can you learn about New Zealand’s rocky diplomatic relationship with Israel? Learn More Here >>>

Jonathan Glazer, MD, MBA VC / Pitango Venture Capital

Jonathan Glazer partners with outstanding early-stage HealthTech founding teams in segments ranging from digital health, to medical devices and diagnostics, to foodtech, agtech, biotech and life sciences. Learn More Here >>>

Roni Hochman Sussman – AquaculTech Managing Director

Much of the solution to the world’s food insecurity can be found in fish. Fish are more efficient at converting feed to protein than any other animal.

No other animal can be raised at a density even approaching that of fish. Unlike raising chicken, pigs and cows, no efforts need be undertaken to provision wild fish with water. Learn More Here >>>

Ronald Weissman – The Risks of Angel Investing

Angel investing isn’t for the faint of heart, especially when valuations are at nosebleed levels. Before you delve into any specific opportunity, you may wish to take the pulse of the market into account. Learn More Here >>>

Andrew Hupert

Andrew Hupert lives and works in Mexico where he helps international businesses get their supply chains under control. He is now based in Saltillo, Coahuila, the ‘Detroit of Mexico’, where he shows companies how to expand or adjust their supply chains.. Learn More Here >>>

Ben Weiss – Venture Partner with SoftBank Ventures Asia

Ben Weiss is a Venture Partner with SoftBank Ventures Asia and a Managing General Partner at CE Ventures. He is also the Chairman at Alicorn as well as a Director at Glassbox and Pliops. Learn More Here >>>

The Honorable Kenneth Feinberg / Special Master

Compensating business owners in the aftermath of a tragedy isn’t easy. Financial records must be confirmed and reviewed. Financial projections must be taken into account. Apportionment needs to be considered. Valuing lost or impaired human lives is an even more sensitive subject. 

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Investing in Israeli AgTech – Dganit Vered

There is a ton of agricultural innovation in Israel. Whether it is precise genetics, targeted pesticides, indoor farming, robotics, precision irrigation, data management or supply chain management. Learn More Here >>>

Moran Hadad – The Israel-Cambodia Economic Ecosystem

Combine the world’s greatest innovation machine with a fertile land hungry for development and you have tremendous opportunities. Cambodia is rapidly developing, more stable than many believe and already sophisticated in terms of banking, communications and regulation. Learn More Here >>>

Oded Hermoni – Co Founder, Managing Partner – J-Ventures


When I invest I bring in my experience and network and I mostly try to see how I can bring added value. Learn More Here >>>

Baruch Lipner – Executive Director at Tmura

Baruch has helped build a charitable ecosystem in Israel. Venture capital firms encourage their portfolio companies to pledge options to Tmura.  Learn More Here >>>

Craig Weiss – Flagstaff Ventures

Craig Weiss is also the Founder & CEO of Aladdin Dreamer, Inc. a technology company with a patented wearable that is designed to improve the 1/3 of our life that we spend asleep. Learn More Here >>>

Sharon Handelman-Gotlib – Investing in Israeli Femtech

Sharon Handelman-Gotlib is the Business Development Manager at the Sompo Digital Lab in Tel Aviv. Sharon is a member of the FemTech IL management team. Learn More Here >>>

Ravid Levy – Topic: Israel’s Water Industry

While many developed countries face water loss rates of 70%, Israel only loses about 5% of its water from source to tap. This podcast covers the gamut of Israel’s water industry.

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Raj Shah Topic: A Primer on Special Purpose Acquisitions Corporations

Don’t even think about exiting via a Special Purpose Acquisitions Corporation (SPAC) without listening to this highly informative podcast. Learn More Here >>>

Amir Zaidman – Topic: Investing in Israeli FoodTech

Amir Zaidman is the Vice-President of Business Development at The Kitchen Hub, Israel’s leading seed investor and technological incubator focusing on FoodTech. Learn More Here >>>

Nicole Hod Stroh  – Topic: The Importance of Israeli DeserTech

Many other areas of the world’s landmass are experiencing desert-like symptoms such as sandstorms and extreme heat. Learn More Here >>>

Einat Halevy Levin  – Topic: The Israel-Vietnam Economic Ecosystem

The Vietnamese culture is very hierarchical and great pains must be taken to avoid causing the Vietnamese a loss of face.  Learn More Here >>>

Noa Gastfreund and Gilad Carni

Topic: The Israel-UAE Economic Ecosystem

The Abraham Accords normalized relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Among the issues discussed during this fascinating podcast. Learn More Here >>>

Edwin Dorsey – Investments  – Topic: Traps in Investing in Emerging Companies

There are risks associated with investing in emerging companies. The technologies seem disruptive, the markets appear to be immense and the management teams seem invincible. Learn More Here >>>

Tal Paperin – KSW Solutionsn  – Topic: Investing in Israeli IIoT Companies

Tal Paperin delivered an excellent primer on Israeli Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  Learn More Here >>>

David Wanetick – CEO – Solution Nation

Topic: Insights into Patent Valuation

Why should patent-rich companies value their patents? Because, in many cases, the majority of a company’s value lies in its intellectual property.

David Wanetick discusses how factors such as claims breadth, priority dates, ease of detecting infringement, overcoming invalidity attacks, prior art searches, forward citations, prosecution histories, litigation experience of the patent attorney and examiners’ allowance rates impact patent value. 

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Renana Ashkenazi – Topic: Investing in Israeli Genomics Companies

Renana comes from a strong technical background and brings almost a decade of product and managerial experience in the areas of technology, Global Innovation, and strategic marketing. Learn More Here >>>

Professor Zohar Goshen – Topic: Legal Insights into Elon Musk’s Proposed Acquisition of Twitter

Professor Goshen’s articles on corporate law and securities regulation are frequently named among the Top Ten Best Articles of the year by Corporate Practice  Commentator. Learn More Here >>>

Linda Štucbartová – Topic: The Israeli-Czechia Innovation Ecosystem

Linda Štucbartová was nominated as Woman of the Year for bringing Empowerment Self Defense to Czechia. Through her company, Diversio, Linda mentored more than 1,000 leaders in developing innovation ecosystems. Learn More Here >>>

Erez Lahav –  Topic: Investing in Israeli Enterprise Software Companies

INcapital Ventures’s reputation as “bridge builders to the North American market” provides INcapital access to exclusive and attractive opportunities in Israel. Learn More Here >>>

Danny Cohen – Topic: Investing in Israeli B2C Companies

Today’s Guest is Daniel “Danny” Cohen who is a General Partner at Viola Ventures, which is dedicated to enabling Israeli entrepreneurs to build global transformational technology companies. Learn More Here >>>

Aaron Applbaum –  Topic: Investing in Israeli Cybersecurity Companies

Todays guest is Aaron Applbaum who is a Partner at MizMaa Ventures, which invests in early-stage companies. Learn More Here >>>

Anton Fedorov – Topic: Investing in Israeli SaaS Companies

This excellent podcast touches on three captivating topics—assessing SaaS companies, Israeli companies outsourcing programming  to Eastern Europe, and venture debt. Learn More Here >>>

Gilbert Ohana – Investing in Israeli Insuretech Companies

Combines business understanding and an entrepreneurial spirit, along with broad technology orientation, strong leadership, and management skills, motivating technology teams, peers, partners, and senior management levels. Learn More Here >>>

Levi Shapiro and Goel Jasper 

Levi Shapiro is the founder of mHealth Israel and Goel Jasper is the Digital Health Innovation Group leader at FINN Partners. Learn More Here >>>

Shulamit Hirsch, PhD  –TOPIC: Conducting IP Due Diligence into Emerging Israeli Companies

How to protect inventions during the research phase. Avoiding entanglements with research sponsors such as universities. Learn More Here >>>

Professor Aswath Damodaran  –Topic: Unicorn Accounting

Should unicorns captivate the public’s attention? Why does it matter how private companies are priced? Learn More Here >>>

David Wanetick – CEO and Host of Solution Nation Podcast.

He is recognized worldwide for his expertise in valuing emerging technologies and intangible assets such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, contracts, earn-outs, and non-compete agreements.

His clients include emerging, mid-and large-sized companies; technology transfer offices; inventors; venture capitalists and private equity firms.

Valuations are primarily conducted in the context of negotiating licensing agreements, mergers and acquisitions, patent sales, capital raises, and litigation support.


Skills: Structuring and funding Mergers and Acquisitions, Scaling Business, Entrepreneurship, and Public Speaking.