Investing in Emerging Israeli Medical Companies

Jonathan Glazer partners with outstanding early-stage HealthTech founding teams in segments ranging from digital health, to medical devices and diagnostics, to foodtech, agtech, biotech and life sciences

He is an enthusiastic lecturer, researcher, and goal-oriented business professional with proven abilities in influencing and engaging executives and key stakeholders.

Jonathan Glazer

MD, MBA VC, Pitango Venture Capital

Identifying and Growing Unicorns

In the past 17 years Oded has invested as an Angel across different industries and as a managing partner at J-Ventures ( Unicorns -Datarobot, Visby Medical, Omada, Veev), partner @Rhodium VC ( which invested in the Unicorns – Yotpo, Outbrain and Storedot), Coin Ventures ( Yotpo, Yieldmo).

He sees a great mission beyond the check –and how to really bring value add to the companies he’s involved with or advises.

Most of his investments were in Silicon Valley, NYC, and Israel.

When he invests he brings in his experience and network and mostly he tries to see how he can bring added value.

Consumer/Media/ Marketing: Yotpo, IMGN (Werner) , Outbrain ,Yieldmo , Wevo, Hoopla, Calmigo, Joylux

Oded Hermoni – Managing Partner

Co-Founder, J-Ventures

Funding Israeli Philanthropies with High-Tech Options

Baruch Lipner discusses how Tmura facilitates Israeli companies donating options to charitable organizations.

For 20 years, some 800 Israeli companies have pledged options on their shares to Tmura.

When these companies achieve exits, Tmura exercises its options and donates the proceeds to registered Israeli charities.

Baruch has helped build a charitable ecosystem in Israel. Venture capital firms encourage their portfolio companies to pledge options to Tmura.

As many of Tmura’s supported charities are directed to the youth, more young people become coveted employees for Israel’s high-tech sector.

Exercise triggers, grant sizes, tag-along rights, cashless exercise, charity selections and much more are discussed in detail during this podcast.

Baruch has advised organizations in other countries on establishing such charitable networks.

Baruch Lipner

Executive Director at Tmura, Tmura – The Israeli Public Service Venture Fund

Investing in Consumer-Focused Israeli Companies

Craig Weiss is the Managing Partner of Flagstaff Ventures, an early-stage, consumer-focused venture capital firm, headquartered in Arizona. Craig brings an entrepreneur-focused perspective to the venture capital field as one of the few institutional investors to have both built a unicorn as a CEO and also identified and invested in an early-stage startup that has achieved unicorn status.

Craig Weissman

Managing Partner, Flagstaff Ventures

Gilbert Ohana Co-Founder and Managing Partner at FinTLV Ventures 

A senior executive with 15 years of track-record executive-level experience and more than 26 years of technology experience overall, delivering innovative, high risk and complex initiatives around IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture, with a focus on Digital Transformation initiatives, to achieve business goals and competitive advantages.

Combines business understanding and an entrepreneurial spirit, along with broad technology orientation, strong leadership, and management skills, motivating technology teams, peers, partners, and senior management levels.

Consultant at the Prime Minister’s Cyber Bureau and the Israeli Government’s Cyber Authority.

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Levi Shapiro and Goel Jasper 

Levi Shapiro is the founder of mHealth Israel, a non-profit community which currently consists of over 638 companies that supports Israel’s connected health and medtech community.

And Goel Jasper is the Digital Health Innovation Group leader at FINN Partners.

Listeners will learn about how connected health companies navigate clinical trials, group purchasing organizations, and the reimbursement landscapes.

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David Wanetick – CEO and Host of Solution Nation Podcast.

He is recognized worldwide for his expertise in valuing emerging technologies and intangible assets such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, contracts, earn-outs, and non-compete agreements.

His clients include emerging, mid-and large-sized companies; technology transfer offices; inventors; venture capitalists and private equity firms.

Valuations are primarily conducted in the context of negotiating licensing agreements, mergers and acquisitions, patent sales, capital raises, and litigation support.


Skills: Structuring and funding Mergers and Acquisitions, Scaling Business, Entrepreneurship, and Public Speaking.